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    Opti A Cup

    Opti A Cup 2013 

    Race in Sønderborg Yacht Club

    Welcome to the race site Sønderborg Yacht Club.
    On this site you will find information about all our races
    Sønderborg Yacht Club  has a long experience in organizing many different races.
    You can see SYC´s CV on this site
    Sønderborg Yacht Club wishes to be know as the organizer of well prepared and god races.
    We will do our best to make good races on the water as well aa on land.
    We wish all sailors welcome and hope you will get some fair races and enjoy your visit in Sønderborg
    Races 2013

    11. - 12. maj

    Torm Grand Prix

    8. juni

    Als Rundt

    29. juli - 3. august

    Open Week Europe Class

    3. - 10. august

    World Championship Europe Class

    27. - 28. september Jysk Mesterskab Opti A + Zoom8
    World Championship 2013

    World Championship Europe Class 2013